While businesses are investing heavily in transformation programmes, they risk losing competitive advantage if their communications strategy impedes the pace of change. Business leaders must take note of new innovations in mobile voice communications that can drive revenue and enable smarter, more efficient ways of working.

With the myriad of ways in which people can now contact your company, from phone calls and e-mail to Twitter and Facebook, your business needs to have an effective strategy for managing them all.

Top of the list must be voice. After all, when it really matters people pick up the phone. Customers expect a delay when they e-mail or tweet a company. But when they pick up the phone, be it to place an order or complain, they expect their call will be answered instantly, with qualified staff available to handle their inquiry. And in the context of business transformation, the best person to answer the call could be working across town, across the country or across the world.

That’s where Resilient comes in, the company behind the smartnumber services that have been driving transformation across 2,000 customers in the defence, retail and finance sectors for more than 15 years. Resilient has taken what it has learnt from these demanding industries and applied this insight to a new suite of mobile services that, for the first time, deliver true innovation to the business mobile user.

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