Office moves

Implement pre-configured dial plans to divert calls during business disruption

No need to change your published numbers

Customers like geographic numbers. They instinctively know they’re not getting charged a premium for speaking to you. So what happens to those numbers if you move?

With BT smartnumbers, you can redirect your numbers to anywhere in the UK, so your customers will never even know you’ve moved. And as BT smartnumbers is a cloud service, no additional hardware or software is required.

Minimise disruption

Moving office can be very disruptive to your customers, your staff and your suppliers. And if you’re moving a large office chances are you’ll be moving department-by-department or team-by-team.

BT smartnumbers provides you with the flexibility and agility to repoint your numbers singly or in groups, as often as required, so you stay in control. You can even repoint them to mobile numbers to ensure that not a single call is missed.

Manage unforeseen temporary problems

The complexity of relocating an office can result in a wide range of potential problems, any of which can severely disrupt business, causing delays, frustration and customer dissatisfaction.

With BT smartnumbers, you have complete control over call delivery. Calls can be swiftly and remotely diverted to temporary locations including mobiles if unforeseen circumstances occur.

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