Two numbers, one phone

Extend your phone with a second mobile number to separate business and personal calls

Manage business and personal calls from the same device


With BT smartnumbers individuals no longer need to carry two phones to separate their business and personal communications.

Whether the device is provided by the company or the individual, BT smartnumbers enables business and personal calls to be made from the same device with separate number presentation and split billing for each.

Both numbers are full UK GSM mobile numbers and operate without need for any IP clients or Wi-Fi, enabling business calls to be made or received where there is a mobile signal – in the UK or overseas.

Separate number presentation

With BT smartnumbers, calls made or SMS sent to your business contacts will present your business mobile number, while calls and SMS to friends and family present your personal mobile number.

You can also distinguish between incoming business and personal calls, since BT smartnumbers can announce incoming business calls with a ‘whisper’ informing you that the caller has dialled you on your business mobile number.

Split billing

It is commonplace for organisations to permit staff to use a business mobile phone for making personal calls and to charge them back to the individual, but this is time consuming, inconvenient and can be costly for both parties.

With BT smartnumbers, personal and business calls are billed separately, removing the need to complete and process expenses forms each month for personal calls made on a business mobile.

Policy management

Using one device for both business and personal use is a convenience for staff, and can be a cost-saving for the business. However, it is important that corporate policies can be applied to the business mobile number while not affecting the personal mobile number.

With BT smartnumbers, policies such as call recording, taking business calls out of hours, delegation and many more can be applied to the business mobile number leaving the personal mobile number completely unaffected.

Works with Mobile Device Management

Organisations are adopting a range of mobile device management solutions to ensure that applications on smartphones can easily be separated for business and personal use.

BT smartnumbers works with all the leading MDM services so that business calls can be managed within the locked-down business environment on the device. Personal calls remain unaffected.

Increased resilience and security

BT smartnumbers leverages BT’s most secure voice service by routing all mobile traffic over the smartnumbers cloud, the only BT voice service with a 99.999% service availability guarantee.

This protects business calls against network outage or poor coverage since when working in areas without a mobile signal BT smartnumbers can automatically route mobile calls to a fixed-line or IP client, thereby ensuring you are always available for those important calls.

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