Compliant storage

Storage and retrieval of business call recordings with the highest levels of security, scalability and resilience

Secure and scalable storage

Organisations are looking to the cloud to provide the next generation of business applications and utility, and nothing is better suited to a cloud solution than the storage, discovery and retrieval of corporate call recordings.

Built to the most demanding compliance requirements, the BT smartnumbers vault provides a level of scale, security and resilience that is far beyond most organisations’ infrastructure. And yet it has been designed for ease of use and simplicity of deployment.

Archives both fixed-line and mobile recordings

The BT smartnumbers vault is an integral part of the BT smartnumbers fixed and mobile services which provides secure storage of all fixed and mobile calls and texts.

So no matter where the conversations takes place, across PSTN, private or mobile networks, organisations can be assured that a comprehensive and secure record of these will be available for compliance, quality control and audit purposes.

The Compliance Console

To review the recordings of calls and SMS in the vault, compliance offices and system administrators are provided with a secure online portal for eDiscovery, search and retrieval.

The compliance console provides eDiscovery options for audit, search and retrieval, with the ability to listen to recordings and read SMS messages made over the corporate fixed or mobile estate.

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