Business call recording

Comprehensive and cost-effective call recording for all corporate telephone numbers

Compliant call recording

More organisations are looking to record their calls for compliance, dispute resolution or best practice. BT smartnumbers is the first in a new generation of call recording services, enabling you to achieve compliance with:

  • FCA COBS 11.8
  • MiFID II
  • UK Data Protection Act and forthcoming GDPR

The service works across all mobile networks, enabling both calls and SMS to be recorded and stored to meet the most stringent compliance requirements.

BT smartnumbers vault

BT smartnumbers vault provides the most secure, resilient, cost-effective and easy-to-use repository for business call recordings. With access control, multiple levels of encryption and real-time monitoring of each customers environment measured against robust service level guarantees, BT smartnumbers ensures the availability, integrity and security of your critical call records to meet any compliance mandate.

Compliance console

To review the recordings of calls and SMS in the vault, compliance officers and system administrators are provided with a secure online portal for eDiscovery, search and retrieval. The Compliant Console provides a real-time view of all communications, with the ability to listen to recordings and read SMS messages made over the corporate mobile estate.

The console provides full audit capabilities, ensuring that all search and download activities by compliance officers are themselves recorded for supervisor oversight. To protect the integrity of your call recordings, there is no ability to update, modify or delete any records held within the BT smartnumbers vault.

Convenient call recording

In addition to compliant call recording, BT smartnumbers also provides on-demand call recording for staff to record their calls for note-taking or dispute resolution purposes.

With on-demand call recording, entire calls are recorded even if the record button is pressed midway through a call. At the end of the call the file is sent to the user’s business email address as a .wav file, to be played as required.

Analyst endorsed

BT smartnumbers call recording has been endorsed by Ovum, the UK’s leading telecoms analysts, in January 2016:

“There are a number of other call recording services available in the UK, but the new smartnumbers service offers significant advantages over them. It constitutes a third generation of mobile call recording.”

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