Business continuity

Automatic call diversion ensures you never miss a call

Avoid business disruption, no matter what happens

A sudden loss of inbound calls can effect revenue generation and the reputation of your business.

All calls through BT smartnumbers are monitored and automatically diverted when a failure is detected. Alternatively, it is possible to manually activate predefined call plans at any time to ensure you never miss critical calls.

Putting you in control

With BT smartnumbers you can plan where calls will be delivered during any disruption, DDI by DDI. So when you encounter an outage or major emergency you can quickly respond by invoking specific dial plans redirecting calls to minimise disruption and continue to receive calls.

Increased flexibility

Business disruption can affect specific teams, groups or individuals. Redirecting calls to the whole number range can create further disruption.

With the BT smartnumbers business portal, you can instantly divert calls DDI by DDI to more convenient locations such as alternative offices, home phones or mobiles without impacting other employees.

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