Business solutions from BT

A range of solutions that overlay both fixed and mobile networks enabling them to be deployed without changing your numbers, network or IT infrastructure

Two numbers, one phone

A second GSM number overlaid onto any mobile phone enabling you to separate your business calls and SMS from personal ones.

Business call recording

Comprehensive and cost-effective call recording for all corporate telephone numbers, including landline, mobile and non-geographic DDIs.


Face-to-face recording

Enables face-to-face meetings to be recorded and stored in the secure BT smartnumbers vault.


Compliant storage

Storage and retrieval of fixed and mobile call recordings with the highest levels of security, scalability and resilience.

Office moves

Implement pre-configured dial plans to divert calls during planned business disruption such as an office move.

Enhance business continuity

Control where calls into your business are delivered and protect against telephony disruption by automatic call diversion when a failure is detected.