Founded in 1869 and operating 935 supermarkets and convenience stores, Sainsbury’s is an iconic UK brand. Dealing with phone calls while simultaneously providing prompt attention to shoppers is a constant challenge for customer service staff. At busy times like Christmas, the number of telephone enquiries rise dramatically, compounding the problem.


Used by more than 530 of Sainsbury’s stores, BT smartnumbers provides a cloud-based solution that enables the centralised management of voice messages, reducing the workload of store-based customer service staff while ensuring consistency across the business.


The benefits of using BT smartnumbers are very evident. By automating the handling of customer enquiries, more time is available for in-store customer service activities. Other benefits include an instant response for the most commonly requested information and reduced call waiting times.

“Call abandonment rates have plummeted, showing a substantial improvement in customer service.”

Rob Fraser

IT Director, J Sainsbury plc