Ministry of Defence


Over the years, flexible working has become more and more commonplace at the MoD. This is driven by advances in collaborative technology and the need for greater efficiency. Today, MoD military and civilian personnel need to be readily contactable wherever they are in the world, whenever they are on call.


The MoD use BT smartnumbers to support hot desking and flexible working for both military and civilian staff across the UK and around the world. Using BT smartnumbers, MoD staff can have their calls delivered to them wherever they are. Additionally, unanswered calls can be diverted to a nominated delegate to ensure critical calls are not missed.


Today there are more than 40,000 BT smartnumbers users across the MoD and its defence partners. Using BT smartnumbers makes communication and collaboration simpler, with people always contactable via the same phone number, no matter where they are. Additionally, BT smartnumbers has enhanced business resilience as calls can be routed to any location.

“BT smartnumbers is a really productive solution for any mobile tri-service or civilian staff member.”

Mick Miles

Fixed Voice Service Assurance, DE&S, ISS Networks, Ministry of Defence