MEC is a leading media communications specialist with 199 offices in 79 countries. Part of GroupM, the world’s leading full-service media investment management company, it is a division of WPP Group plc. With clients such as Canon, Colgate, Daimler Chrysler, Yahoo and others depending upon MEC for their corporate and brand communications, delivering first class business continuity is vital.


In the event of network failure or another crisis, MEC staff can now work from their homes, temporary locations or other offices. BT smartnumbers not only ensures that they can maintain voice communication, it also facilitates broadcast messaging, allowing key messages to be relayed to the entire company or specific teams.


In addition to providing state-of-the-art business continuity, BT smartnumbers has reduced MEC’s costs by removing further investment and dependency upon its PBX, enabling flexible working. Employees can now work from any location while still having access to voice services. Calls can be delivered to a person’s primary location during normal operations and immediately switched to another location when necessary.

“BT smartnumbers has been so beneficial, users have adopted flexible working not just for emergency situations.”

Luigi Galluzzo