Living Bridge


Living Bridge is a private equity partnership that invests in profitable small to medium-sized UK businesses. With a team spread across the UK, Living Bridge needed an efficient voice network to support the mobility of its investment professionals and communications between regional sites. In addition, Living Bridge wanted a directory to enable staff to communicate when on the move, visiting clients or working from home. They also needed a service with inbuilt business continuity. Living Bridge believed that these attributes would only be attainable if they invested in an IP telephony system and managed it in-house.


Living Bridge discovered that they could save money, time, space and management overhead with BT smartnumbers. The low cost of calls, coupled with the web directory service, supports mobility while keeping costs down. In addition, the integrated directory shows presence, location and availability of staff. This technology required no extra equipment and complemented Living Bridge’s business continuity strategy without the need for any new hardware.


BT smartnumbers now enables staff to communicate when on the move, visiting clients or working from home. The disaster recovery capability provides the business with peace of mind, knowing that calls from and to clients will continue to flow without interruption, whatever the circumstances.

“In fact, the convenience of flexible working that the BT smartnumbers service provides has been adopted by some of our users on a daily basis and not just for emergency situations. While this was an unexpected benefit of the service, it supports best practices since it means that in the event of any emergency the staff do not have to learn a new set of tools or processes.”

Matt Hernandez

Living Bridge