Legal industry brief

Following the economic downturn of recent years, many legal firms are strengthening their core practices, the ones that are most profitable, and defining the type of clients that will build a strong profit stream.

With a tighter focus on fewer clients, as well as strong competition from similarly specialised firms, client retention has come to the forefront. The one-to-one nature of relationships is possibly more important in the legal sector than any other, and to support this, many legal firms have implemented a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy.

BYOD provides legal staff the flexibility to communicate efficiently and cost-effectively with clients, while staying up-to-date with case loads when they are in the office, travelling or working remotely. However, client interactions from mobile devices need to be captured securely and invoiced accurately, and this can be challenging and time-consuming.

BT smartnumbers mobile provides a second mobile number on any smartphone, with business use being charged directly to the firm. The number is a valuable asset and remains the property of the business, irrespective of staff leaving or changing roles.