Enterprise mobility management smart guide

The consumerisation of IT in the last decade has led to many employees expecting to use their personal devices for work, while IT staff are left to deal with the issues and risks that this presents. This trend of workers using their own devices for work is known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

The pros and cons of BYOD are well understood by business leaders, and while much has been written both for and against, it is generally agreed that BYOD is set to grow.

Therefore, it is no wonder that businesses are increasingly embracing Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to secure, provision, audit and support business use of personally-owned mobiles.

By enabling workers to securely access business systems, applications and data from their mobile devices, employers can benefit from staff being able to work anywhere, at any time. This does not imply that staff are expected to work longer hours, but that they are empowered to work ‘smarter’, improving their work-life balance, satisfaction and productivity.