A UK Government Department


Faced with the challenge of rationalising their office estate, the UK Government Department decided to minimise disruption to their 4,500 staff by retaining their existing phone numbers during the move. Once they moved, they would be given new 0300 numbers. The challenge therefore was to maintain continuity of service.


The chosen solution was BT smartnumbers, a cloud-based call redirection service that diverts calls to any location across fixed and mobile networks. With BT smartnumbers, call routing can be changed online and in real-time, improving business resilience and continuity.


Using BT smartnumbers has enabled the UK Government Department to maintain seamless business continuity during the restructuring. Additionally, BT smartnumbers has made the UK Government Department more resilient, as calls can be quickly redirected to another location if an office becomes unavailable.

“BT smartnumbers is straightforward, it avoids complicated rerouting of calls, and we can keep our old numbers as long as we need them.”

Telecoms Manager, UK Government Department