A new service piggybacks a company number on the back of the employee’s personal number to save money for both and make Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) easier.

The idea of people wanting to use their own mobile but have work pay for calls opens a can of worms. The spectre of BYOD brings with it the issue of who pays for calls and who owns the number.

Anyone from a City trader to a hairdresser who changes employers might want their customers to carry on calling their private number to do business, but naturally that’s not what the employer wants.

The system from smartnumbers is a true GSM service, but does not have a SIM and gives two full numbers on a smartphone. The phone uses the employee’s mobile number as a host but when the user makes a call using the business number, the call is routed so that it doesn’t incur a charge on the host SIM, either by calling a free number or by using the ring-back function. Users can choose to make calls through either number.

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