BT smartnumbers vault

Secure storage for face-to-face conversations, call recordings and texts

Compliant storage

The BT smartnumbers vault is an integral part of the BT smartnumbers service providing secure storage for face-to-face conversations, fixed-line or mobile call recordings and texts for compliance, quality control and audit purposes.


Voice recording for meetings, fixed-line calls and mobile phones

The BT smartnumbers vault works with BT smartnumbers services for voice recording.

  • For face-to-face meetings, the service stores all recordings.
  • For fixed-line telephone numbers, the service stores records of calls made to geographic and non-geographic numbers.
  • For mobile numbers, the service will record all incoming and outgoing calls and texts.

Data encryption

  • All data, including recordings and metadata, are encrypted in transit and at rest using AES 256, with an option to encrypt with your own keys.
  • Files are signed before storing and all access to these files is captured in an audit log to ensure tamper evidence can be provided.
  • Optional customer key encryption enables customers to manage their own keys using public key infrastructure (PKI)

Robust infrastructure

  • No single point of failure
  • N+1 node redundancy
  • Geographic resilience
  • Carrier-grade network

Simple discovery

  • Calls and texts are indexed using call attributes including called parties, date, time and content of texts.
  • Secure access to recordings is available through the smartnumbers compliance console.
  • The smartnumbers compliance console provides real-time view of all communications, ability to listen to recordings and read texts messages made over the corporate mobile estate.
  • Compliance officers or IT administrators are able to quickly locate and download records but cannot delete them from the BT smartnumbers vault.

BT smartnumbers compliance console

The BT smartnumbers compliance console is a secure eDiscovery portal to review call recordings and texts.

The BT smartnumbers compliance console can be accessed through any web browser on PC, tablet or smartphone. It provides a real-time view of all communications, with the ability to listen to all recordings and read all text messages.

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