BT smartnumbers mobile plus

Records business calls and texts, even from personally-owned mobile phones

Compliant mobile call recording

BT smartnumbers mobile plus is a network-based call recording service that enables organisations to meet MiFID II mobile voice recording requirements and achieve FCA compliance without compromising the user experience.

Calls and texts are stored securely in the BT smartnumbers vault, with high availability infrastructure. Data is encrypted and indexed using rich metadata to ensure quick discovery of specific communications. Alternatively, recordings can be sent to existing archiving, eDiscovery or recording solutions.


FCA and MiFID II compliant

  • Ensure that all calls made to and from the business number are recorded, meeting both FCA and MiFID II requirements, even on personally owned mobile phones.
  • Securely store call recordings in the BT smartnumbers vault or send to on-premise call recording equipment.

Reliable voice recording, anywhere in the world

  • Calls, texts and voicemails are recorded in the network and are not dependent on an app, conferencing or streaming from the device, providing a robust and tamper proof solution
  • BT smartnumbers mobile plus doesn’t rely on standards such as CAMEL, so calls are reliably recorded, even when roaming.

GSM quality calls

  • A standard GSM call is made or received from the handset with no delays or silences introduced.
  • Ensures the highest call quality and availability wherever there is a mobile signal.

Mobile network agnostic

  • BT smartnumbers mobile works on any mobile network and is independent of the SIM.

Complete call recording solution

    • Call recordings and texts are encrypted and kept entirely secure in smartnumbers vault for future reference and discovery. By default, data is stored for five years, but is customisable to meet data retention policies.
    • Mobile call recordings can be sent to existing call recording systems, enabling recordings to be stored in one place.

Simple discovery

  • Detailed metadata capturing the names, numbers, times and duration allows for the recorded data to be searched easily and quickly in case of a compliance event.
  • Files are signed before storing and all access to the portal is captured in an audit log to ensure tamper evidence.

Robust infrastructure

  • High-availability infrastructure with n+1 node configuration to ensure continued service if system components fail.
  • Servers are geographically resilient

Split billing

Automatically charges personal calls to the individual, while business calls are charged directly to the organisation.

Secure data storage

  • The metadata, voice recordings and texts are encrypted before being stored.
  • All data is encrypted in transit using TLS.
  • All data at rest is encrypted using AES 256, with an option for customer managed keys using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Call delegation

  • Ensure that important mobile calls are always answered by delegating calls to a colleague or a team when unavailable.

Technical specifications


  • iPhones running iOS 8.0 or above.
  • Available to download from the App Store.


  • Android devices running 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above.
  • Available to download from Google Play.

Networks supported

BT smartnumbers mobile runs on the following UK networks.


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