BT One Voice with smartnumbers

Putting you in control of inbound calls

Number management for BT One Voice

One Voice is a single global network that provides the connectivity you need to deliver voice, mobile and data to every desktop in your organisation. It offers the same reliable service wherever people are, so they can stay connected and keep productive. It’ll help you make things simple, save money, and introduce emerging technologies as and when you need them.

BT smartnumbers enhances BT One Voice by providing a highly resilient inbound gateway for hosting and managing your corporate telephone numbers. This enables incoming calls to be routed exactly where you need them and puts you in control of where calls should be delivered during normal service, technical migration, reorganisation or during a business continuity event.


Secure, online portal for number management

  • The BT smartnumbers business portal provides a convenient and secure way to manage where calls into your business are delivered. With the portal, you can manage call routing during normal operations and create alternative call routing plans for business continuity events.

Automatic redirection of voice, fax and data calls

  • BT smartnumbers proactive recovery automatically redirects inbound calls whenever a network outage is detected.

Call routing plans

  • Create up to five dial plans to control where calls are delivered in different scenarios, ready for activation at any time. Additional plans can be held offline.
  • Predefined dial plans can be activated from any phone, even without web access.

Personal override

  • Enables organisations to empower an individual to override the dial plan selection to deliver calls to wherever they are.

Technical specifications

As a cloud based service there are no local network requirements.

Existing numbers can be “virtualised” by initiating a Block Transfer (or Port) to the smartnumbers cloud. Alternatively, new numbers can be issued if required.

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