BT smartnumbers directed recovery

Make sure employees still get their calls when they are unable to reach the office

Adding voice to business continuity plans

BT smartnumbers directed recovery ensures incoming voice, fax or data calls can be delivered Direct Dialling In (DDI) number by DDI number to alternative phone numbers during periods where buildings or offices become inaccessible or there are network failures.


Redirection of voice, fax and data calls

  • BT smartnumbers directed recovery redirects inbound calls to alternative numbers, DDI by DDI.

Web portal

  • The BT smartnumbers business portal provides a convenient and secure way to manage where calls into your business are delivered.

Call routing plans

    • Create up to five dial plans to control where calls are delivered in different scenarios, ready for activation at any time. Additional plans can be held offline.
    • Predefined dial plans can be activated from any phone, even without web access.

Simple diversion

      • In a crisis, make one call to the BT help desk to activate a dial plan and redirect calls to alternative numbers. 


Technical specifications

      • BT smartnumbers directed recovery is available to BT ISDN30e, BT One Voice SIP trunk UK and BT Featurenet customers.
      • As a cloud-based service, no additional equipment or software is required.
      • BT smartnumbers directed recovery can work in conjunction with Dual Parenting to provide protection against the failure of the DLE, the cable between DLE and the offices being protected.

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