BT smartnumbers services

A range of mobile and fixed-line services designed to meet the needs of the connected business.

BT smartnumbers mobile

A new mobile service designed especially for business, providing an additional GSM number on any mobile phone, with a range of enterprise features.

BT smartnumbers mobile plus

All the business features of BT smartnumbers mobile with always-on mobile call recording for FCA and MiFID II compliance.


BT smartnumbers proactive recovery

Automatically divert calls to an alternative location when a failure is detected.


BT smartnumbers face-to-face recording

BT smartnumbers makes it simple to securely capture and store face-to-face conversations.

BT One Voice with smartnumbers

BT smartnumbers enhances BT One Voice by providing a highly resilient inbound gateway for hosting and managing your corporate telephone numbers.

BT smartnumbers directed recovery

Manually divert calls to another location when your building is inoperable or inaccessible.