Record face-to-face meetings

Easily record and store recordings of face-to-face meetings in the cloud

Ensure accurate record keeping

Whether for the purposes of training staff, protecting vulnerable people, providing evidence for dispute resolution or ensuring accurate note taking, there are many face-to-face situations where meticulous records need to be made but manual note taking is insufficient and there are few comprehensive digital tools for the job.

BT smartnumbers fills in the gap around face-to-face recording, enabling businesses to easily record high quality audio during meetings.

No need to invest in dedicated equipment

BT smartnumbers face-to-face works through a simple mobile app, making it convenient to record conversations on the go without carrying any extra recording equipment. Because it works from any mobile phone or tablet, the process of recording is not intrusive or distracting in sensitive situations,

No need to manually email voice files

When you’ve finished recording, the audio file is stored on the device until an internet connection is available. When it is, the audio file is encrypted and automatically sent to the BT smartnumbers vault. When the send is completed, the file is automatically deleted from the device.

Securely archive your recordings

Recordings are kept in a searchable database in the cloud and accessed via the BT smartnumbers compliance console, where authorised users have complete control over configuring retention polices, as well as being able to review and search through rich metadata. Files can be listened to, but not be manipulated or deleted. All access to files is logged.

Quickly discover files

For compliance officers who need to easily locate and download the right recordings, sifting through huge archives can be time consuming. Through the BT smartnumbers compliance console, authorised personnel can get a real-time view of all face-to-face recordings, and can search by call attributes including user details, duration, time, date and location, as well as other custom information.

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