Whether it’s BYOD, COPE or another variant of the same theme, the issue of staff choosing and using their own technology for business is without doubt a CIO level issue.

According to Ovum, staff in 78% of UK enterprises now routinely use their own technology for work, while 80 of the UK’s leading 100 UK CIO’s are embracing BYOD and seeing tangible benefits ranging from cost reductions, enhanced business agility, increased staff satisfaction and more.

Demand for BYOD is only going to increase. The imminent launch of the Apple Watch and other wearable technology is certain to increase the number of requests from staff to open up the corporate email, calendar and directory services so that meeting reminders, notifications and even simple messages can be managed from their wrist.  But why is it that early BYOD initiatives haven’t driven many of the cost savings or other benefits that were promised from the outset?

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